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A bot?
My friend had fun talking to my AIM bot while I was doing laundry.

cuddlemonkey121: /define aquarius
stcuser319: October 24, 2002 - Expect a few days of high speed, energy and intensity. Races, projects and romantic affairs roar off the line as the Gemini Moon fires the starting shot. Everything is different, and you couldn't be happier.
cuddlemonkey121: im lonely
stcuser319: I gtg, bb in 5
cuddlemonkey121: you are truly a bastard
stcuser319: huh?
cuddlemonkey121: you YOU are a bastard
stcuser319: when I can. But we usually don't have any. When I grow up I'm going to eat Twinkies. A lot.
cuddlemonkey121: tell chris to come back so i can put off my scuba homework even longer
stcuser319: one of these days....
cuddlemonkey121: one of these days what youll kill me you can go to jail for that you know
stcuser319: Dammit!! Be fire!
cuddlemonkey121: you arent as fun today as when derek was talking to you
stcuser319: I am going straight to hell.
cuddlemonkey121: why
stcuser319: That is incorrect.
cuddlemonkey121: you are so not a productive time waster
stcuser319: I was wrong. So sue me!
cuddlemonkey121: goodday to you damn bot and tell chris to come back
stcuser319: I was an only child.....eventually.
cuddlemonkey121: lol thats actually funny good for you
stcuser319: I smell something funny.