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Ah... Thursdays.

As many of the people who read this are not yet of college age, you may not realize that in college, every day of school is different. Every day brings new and different classes to the table. A new schedule, a new setup, every day. Sometimes it's an excitement, sometimes it's confusing, and othertimes it is just pure bliss.

Tuesdays are horrible. From 9am-5pm I have classes. from my Discrete Math class to my chem lab (3 hours. yuck) to my chem discussion back home for a bit to my cs100 lecture... it's insanity. I hate tuesdays. Luckily, my chem lab is only every other week, but tuesdays are still horrible.

Thursdays on the other hand... take out the lab. take out the cs lecture. I have one discrete math class at 9am, and my chem class at 2. That's it. All day. In the middle of the day I can do homework, laundry, clean the room - whatever. I can take a nap, catch up on my livejournal, or just chill. I can listen to music, email sarah, talk to friends online that aren't on at night.

I love thursdays.

I'm coming home this weekend, although Sarah's kinda sad about it. (see her journal for details.) Hopefully we can come up with something. We're both smart people (well, i know i am anyway :))

Finished my cs assignment last night. The only way I got through any of it was with the help of our study group in walless lounge. Definatly VERY helpful, and prevented me from just flunking the assignment. I even contributed a little bit :)

Haven't done much other than the laundry and sit around today. Done some support, but that's about it. that's it. *nods*

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