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CS Homework
I don't know why I haven't started this yet. I've had a week and a half to do it, and i haven't even started yet. Let me repeat that for those of you who dont' really understand that - I have not yet started my (generally) hardest homework, which usually takes about 10 hours. Today, i have class from 10-12, 1-3, 7-10 (5 classes.) And i have not yet started my hardest homework assignment of the week. It's inductive proofs this week. I have to prove a ton of things inductively. Induce Induce Induce. It's worth 130 points. The biggest assignment in the past has always been worth a maximum of 100 points. I'm so screwed. I'm going to be up late even If I don't spend any time online.

Shit I'm screwed.

Other than that, today is an okay day. Music and Math, then an hour free (free? hah.) CS173 work, then my new class (science and society), then chem discussion (hopefully i don't fall asleep the whole time again), then more cs173 work, then photo. maybe some eating time somewhere in there.

*sigh* i miss sarah. I want to go home this weekend. My parents don't want me to come home. it sucks.

Also, the DAMN MOULIN ROUGE poster will not stay up. No matter what i do. I've used tape on all the sides... - i think it's time for duct tape.

but now it's time for class. have a great day everyone - i won't.

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Your parents don't WANT you to come home?? o___O My parents would LOVE for me to come home, but I never ever do unless I need to pick up something. I'm dreading winter break--I'm going to think of SOME reason why I have to live with my boyfriend during break. . .

My roommate's MR poster wouldn't stay up, either. It's probably the same one--they probably put something in the paper so we can't actually put it up. Or not.

I've already gone home twice - once for homecoming, once because I missed Sarah. My mom is afraid I'm becoming a social recluse or something. So, she wants me to stay here, get drunk and go to parties or something. I would prefer not to, I would prefer to just go home and spend time with my girlfriend. But my wants have never been a significant part of what affects my life.
*sigh* I just miss my girlfriend. And I don't know what to do about it.

Ship her in!! ::clears off spot for Fritz's gf to sleep::

If her parents would agree, I'd do it in a second. Her parents just won't let her though. I think if her dad didnt' object so strongly, her mom would let her... but her dad says something like... *looks it up*...

"my dad said no unless someone comes up with a very convincing argument. 'Letting my daughter go spend the weekend with her boyfriend is very low on my list of things to let sarah do.'"

So, yeah. The fact that she can't drive yet (being only 15) probably doens't help at all. And I just don't think I'm going to be able to convince him to change his mind.

Maybe she needs to do more of the things that are higher on the list so letting her spend the weekend with you moves up!!

Hm--are you two interested in all in sneaking around?

sneaking around? I'm afraid I don't know of exactly what you're speaking of. (and i'm not being sarcastic or anything, i'm just exhausted and overly dense.)

P.S. Why aren't you on AIM if you're sitting at your computer? IM ChrisTheIllini if you want to chat.

There's always that old standby--say you're going to your friend's house, then go somewhere else.

I'm never on AIM. ::shrug::

well, she lives 2.5 hours away. and can't drive. and doesn't have any friends that can drive. and she never goes anywhere. ever. so... i don't think it'd work in this case. :)

Damn! Well, if you ever need tips on sneaking or need a girl to surreptitiously befriend her for sleepover, I am so here! ::was a bad girl in HS::

It'll be okay! *nods*
And maybe it's good both of us have work to do tonight..that way we won't keep someone form doing stuff. ;) I love you! :)

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