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I was camping in Virginia this past week, for those who didn't know. Our caravan of people included 6 persons, including myself. My father, the driver of our vehicle, my mother, the navigator of the vehicle, my two brothers, David (16) and Tony (14), myself (18) and my girlfriend Sarah (15). Sarah arrived at our house at 12-12:15 on the 19th, with a duffel bag and a small backpack. We finished our packing preperations, including loading the van to it's final weight of about 400 pounds over what it should be. It was quite a sight - 4 bikes in a rack on the back of the van, one on top, as well as the biggest luggage case made by yakima on the room. the seating was tight, with 6 people in a 7 person van. Luggage and gear was packed everywhere. There was no space in the vehicle to move, stretch, anything. We finally got on the road around 1:30 after completing all preperations, and promptly ran into friday afternoon rush hour traffic. In attempting to head south east, we only travelled approxmiatly 25 miles in the first hour. After that traffic thinned and we started to make some good time. On the first night, we stayed in southeast sector of indiana, in an econolodge in a small town called seymour. Clean rooms, though small. Had pizza for dinner. Watched star trek with sarah. Went to bed. And that's day one.

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