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Reminder to self -
go to bed before 4am tonight.
please, for self's own good.

List of what to do today:
  1. Go out to dinner with friends. I havne't gone out in a while, and people are beginning to think i'm a hermit.

  2. Printing, for photo

  3. CS173 HW. I haven't started yet, and it's due thursday.

  4. Calc HW. I got through a quarter of it last night at 4 in the morning - i can do better.

Things NOT to do:
  1. Support. I'm going to email the review to arie, but that's it.

  2. Work on the bot. He's fine. Nothing tonight.

  3. Miss sarah. Okay, it won't happen, I love her too much. but i can pretend right?

Today is CS173 (9-10, i slept through a large part of it). Chem lab on spectroscopy (11-2). Chem discussion (2-3, i'll probablyl sleep through that too.) CS100 Lecture (Bleh. 4-5. Pointless). Hope to call people and set up a trip to za's in between Chem and CS, dunno how well it'll work - but i have to get out of this room.

All my online journal entries have now been added to this journal. If you'd like to know about my past, feel free to check some of them out.

Sarah - I love you. If i don't get to talk to you, it's just cause i'm too damn busy.
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