Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

11 Days til prom... 4/23/2001

11 days til prom... Still dateless. On a more positive note, i don't feel like crap anymore. I have a runny nose, but i can live with that. I had long talks about life in general with a couple of good friends last night. Found out some stuff about me, and about what others think of me. Didn't sleep much last night, too much napping during the day. Which meant i was totally hyper during the day today, as most people can vouch for. I was asked 2 times if i had been smokin a little weed... Course, i havne't been, cause i'm as clean and sober as, well, me! Interesting class of spanish today - Skup was putting quite a bit of feeling into her reading of "Nosotros Somos Dios". It poured, and I played out in the rain while waiting for the bus. Also, copied the APUSH notes, so if you're reading this and don't have a copy, let me know. Anyway - i need to get the oil changed on the Cadillac, so I gotta get out of here before my mom comes home and screams. Remember - music is the expression of life, the universe and everything. And the answer to that expression is 42.

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