Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

PSAE - Day 1: part II 4/25/2001

Hey everybody. I'm in a sour mood again - don't know why. The cadillac page didn't get put up today - mom took it to work with her, so i couldn't clamber around in it. Can't do it tomorrow either - she's taking it to park when she leaves for gatlinburg. Maybe friday or something i'll do it, or maybe i'll do it for the van tomorrow - i drive it often enough. I'm dreading the test session for tomorrow - 5.5 HOURS of testing. Is that ridiculous or what? Do they think we're machines? I know that i'm gonna be passed out by the end of tomorrow. I'll be GRATEFUL to go back to school. Anyway...

I suppose i should start thinking about colleges. It seems like i'm too young to do that, but since i'm 17, i suppose i'm not really. people always tell me i'm mature for may age - if that's true, why do i just want to keep living at home and playing computer til 2 in the morning? Do you get to do that in college too? I don't even know where i'm gonna be able to go for another couple months - my class rank will keep me OUT of anyplace i want to go unless my test scores are high enough to counteract it. I'm hardly in the top 20% of my class, and something tells me that won't go very far in trying to get into a high quality engineering school (i.e. UIUC). It's too bad i couldn't have Katie Schmidt or Jim Hlubocky take my ACT for me - they got 35 and 34 respectively. for those of you who never took the ACT or don't remember how good that is - a pefect is 36, a 35 means you missed about 1-2 questions per section. Despite my restraint when informed of this score, there are times i just want to take katie schmidt's brain for myself (just kidding!). Talked to the Rebecca for awhile - she claimed i was smart about relationships. While i can't say i neccesarily disagree with her, i do find that i am rather afflicted with Nice Guy Syndrome (NGS). For those of you who don't know what this is, it is experienced by many "overly mature" guys. Basically, although they are well known for being nice, they are stuck with no group, or no relationships. But hey, what can ya do? anyway - my head hurts, i'm gonna wander away now.

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