Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

May Day 5/1/2001

Couple new things today... I finally decided that i'm going to post prom. after everyone telling me it's so fun (they're all lying! *smile*) and telling me i should go, i looked back at the diary entry on 4-28. Basically, i said i was going to go out and be more active, not require someone else to go with me to have fun, right? well, here is an oppourtunity staring me straight in the face, and i'm ignoring it. So... that's one less thought on my mind. Also, i sold my pancake breakfast tickets, so i get to use the computer again for the week (just another rather silly rule my mom makes to get us to do stuff). I was thinking about how nice it would be to read someones mind sometimes... like when you're not sure if someone really likes you, but you want to check? I guess it would suck if you couldn't control it though - i wouldn't want to read my parents minds most of the time. Also, dave's mind is out of the question not something i'd want to know about the inner workings of. It's may, happy may day to you all. Keep stopping in here... i keep adding stuff, truly i do. For example - the funny words page was just updated AGAIN - some very strange words just went up on there. Also, if any of you have ideas for what i should add to this page, let me know. and if you want to do something like coles story, or something of your own, let me know, or email it to me - i'll review it, then post it. Nothing really new to add to the site today - and it's time for bed. Seeya around!

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