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Prom - Be safe and be cool 5/4/2001
It's prom day... Good luck and safe fun for all those of you who are going. I am not, as most anyone who reads this knows. I am going to post prom though, which is (from what i've heard) the more fun part anyway. Been organizing my mp3s today, realized i have 4.24 gig (downloaded 400 meg in the past 5 days). Been singing songs all day... Help me get through to the end of what's been a realy crappy week. I'm tired of school - Glad it's the weekend. I just realized last night that i'm going to be getting confirmed in a week. That's way too soon. Also - AP tests are next week (all three of them). So, if i don't update often, that's why. Anyway - i don't really have anything to say, although there are a lot of new words up on that page. I need to know what else to add here - i'm thinking of a heard in the hall section, but i'm soooo lazy :-). Anyway - enjoy your weekend, and be cool. I'm tired and i should probly take a nap.