Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Post-post prom 5/5/2001

Man, it's early morning (3:31 AM) and i HURT all over. Post prom just ended, and i'm back. I must say, that was well worth the 7 bucks i payed for it. Way better than homecoming - and that was a heck of a lot more expensive. I did feel kind of lonely since everyone was discussing their plans for the weekend, and i'm stuck at home typing on the computer... but i still had a great time. Hey, Blair's not leaving town, maybe i'll steal her and we can do something! :-) (jk Blair! Calm Down!) Post prom was so much fun, but i'm a wreck. They had a big inflateable rubber obstacle course, and i just destroyed my elbows/knees/face on it. However, my record for the night was 11-2-1, with 11 wins,2 losses and 1 tie. Quite a night. Also, i cleaned up in blackjack, and i watched quite a few karoke things - pretty funny. i didn't win anything in the raffle :-(. The raffle for the car got totally screwed up... first, a name was called, and they weren't there. Then, they called a name, but it turned out she was from a diff. school. Then, they called 3 more names (one of which was Ty Hollet). Some of those people had been there, but left when they thought the raffle was over, so they lost out. Finally they got a winner. For all those of you who told me i should go to post prom - i thank you, it was great fun and a great idea. I hope you all had fun at prom if you went, i heard it was very cool. Many girls with very different hair than usual - I thought they were all incredible. Most of you will probly be gone most of the weekend, but when/if you read this, let me know how you enjoyed prom! I really need to get off now, it's 3:37 am. And remember - "Don't do anything i wouldn't do...". Stay cool, peace out.

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