Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

AP test tomorrow... 5/7/2001

AP test tomorrow... Boy, am i ever screwed. :-) I actually think i'll be ok, got the case study zip from TCourtney today, and i looked at old openended questions - they are MEGA easy. Writing function bodies and such. Anyway, I won't be at school tomorrow because of that (it's at noon and i can't get a ride home in time). I don't know what kind of mood i'll be in after it, i may update afterwards with a few notes about it. To talk about the weekend - i didn't do jack crap. I went to my brothers middle school play (The Musicman). The only really funny part was when a curtain caught on fire because it was too close to a light. I wish i was more of a self starter - that's why this darn webpage always falls apart after 1-2 weeks - no motivation. I like the fact that i got over 1000 hits now - thanks a ton. That's over 300 in the past 2 weeks, really incredible for something small like this page. talked to lots of people about prom, seems like everyone had a really great time (if they went, which excludes me).
Listening to some DMB right now - LIOG from L@RR, very cool. I need to see if i can pick up some new cd's of theirs - all my stuff i've listened to a lot. Anyway - no school tomorrow cause of the damn AP test, so we'll see what i do. Good luck to anyone else who has/had AP tests these two weeks, and congrats to all the college kids i've been talking to who are getting off school around now... DAMN YOU! :-) Less than a month til ACT/SAT tests... hopefully PSAE ACT results will be back, i really want to see how well i did. One of these days i'm gonna bring a camera to school and snap some pictures of people, if i can ever remember. My face is still scraped from that damn obstacle course. Also, were out of soda in my house :-( i'm thirsty and i have nothing to drink. Anyway... i'm just rambling. Drop me a line (guestbook is checked fairly often, i'm on AIM as ChrisRS84 about 18 hours a day) cause i really want to know what you think. Night all, and remember - "Carpe Diem!"

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