Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Really early... 5/10/2001

5:57 am - do you know where YOU'RE calculator is? Calculus AB AP test today. I'm hardly awake, and i have to go take a test that i'm hardly prepared for. It's kinda reainy out today, good temperature but VERY moist out. Anyway, i'm working towards hitting the 2 gigabyte mark with audiogalaxy (got 1 gig on april 29th). If i ever get my mp3s all organized, i may burn a few cds (meaning 7, cause that's what it'd take now) and sell off my sets. Good luck with AP tests those of you who are taking them (both Calc and APUSH). Otherwise - enjoy the next 2 days of school. Have a good day!
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