Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Paper Route 7/17/2001

Man, doing a paper route at 3 in the morning takes a lot out of you. Because my parents were still tired from their trip, i did it again this morning. it didn't take me long though - from the time i got up to the time i got back in bed, it was less than an hour. It's just that getting up in the middle of the night thing that isn't too fun :-). I got a new job at foxfield movie theater - i start next week (probly fri/sat). It will be nice to have some money again :-) I'm almost totally broke, minus some cash i've made for selling my mp3 cd's and whatnot. Unfortunatly, the parents are complaining that this job is going to be too hard for me to keep during the school year because it's late nights. However, i usually stay up til 11-12 anyway, even if they don't realize that, and have no problems getting up. Also, on weeknights - how many people come into movies? not many, right? so, if it's not a big release or something that we're dealing with, then there should be no problem with my doing homework at the theater, which is more than i would do at home. If i could do my homework, then it would just turn into a 4 hour long study hall for me, which would proably IMPROVE my grades, not detract from them. In addition to all this - my grades don't matter much anymore. If i go for early application at u of i, it has to be turned in way earlier than grades come out (2 months or so) so the grades i have now are the only ones that will matter... hopefully i can convince the parents of this view. I'll try to keep you posted, so long as i don't get too lazy. Anyway - my web page has grown hopelessly out of date. I'm looking for some new material to put up on it, so if you think of something thats not on here that i need, let me know. and if ya'll haven't done it yet - sign my guestbook! i get like 30 hits each week, and nobody signs my guestbook ever :-( I hope you guys like this page, i've put some serious work into it. Have a nice day!

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