Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Regarding foxfield 7/24/2001

After 3 days of work, i'm glad i choose foxfield. The people are very nice, the hours arn't bad, the work isn't hard, and it's an easy learning curve. Nobody like richie or joey of osco to worry about, who used to threaten me with box cutters. There is also a lot of downtime, so we just kinda hang out a lot. I think i'm going to stick with this job as long as parents permit. They're still not convinced that it's going to work out during the school year, and i don't know what i can do to convince them. It's nice to not have to work early morning as well - earliest time i'll ever go in is 9, and usually i won't go in before 11. The people there are really nice. Most of the girls are cheerleader types, but they arn't the stuck up, idiotic kind that most people think of when they hear the word cheerleader. They're fun people to hang out with who don't mind being around a dork like me as so many people of that type seem to :-). Went dancing again on sunday night, even though i had to work the next day: it was fun but man did i hurt the next day. My room is really a mess - i should probably clean it up one of these days. Ah well, i'm just rambling on, so i think i'll quit for a little while. If anyone knows what the heck i can do to my web page to spiff it up, let me know please! Also, sign the damn guestbook - i've gotten almost 1500 hits and only 60 people have signed my guestbook. I'm outta here for now - stay chilly.

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