Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

continued... 9/24/2001

SCUBA Lessons are over! all i have left to do now is my certification dives this weekend.
It's a huge weight off my back. However, school is still happening, which is a bigger weight :-)

I'm also in the tricycle race for the small games! I get to ride a 2 ft high tricycle down and back across the gym... That's gonna rock. SENIOR POWER! Class of 2002 forever! I think that's all i've got to say right now. Besides the fact that i'm even more excited about getting a haircut after having my hair get all crapped up at the pool tonight while scubaing. A new haircut for a new workplace - the day i get my haircut is the day that we all start working at the mall... I'm excited about that too! Working at the mall is gonna be fun, cause 1. lots of people work there, and 2. i can go and buy a pair of pants or a cd or something on my break. that's gonna be so cool. course, with 18 theaters, it's gonna be crazy, but that's life. Anyway, i think i should go make sure i don't have any homework. I'll see ya'll later. -Senior Power Chris

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