Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Damn Foxfield :-( 9/25/2001

Damn foxfield. Had to work until 11 tonight cause inventory didn't get started until 10. Course, no one was told to do inventory, because no supervisor works nights, because mike and dave work days and nicole only works about 3 nights a week. So, i stayed for an hour counting, recounting, and in general having a shitty time. Also, shrek and his now wife were wandering around being gross people. I had to do 13 recounts - and only 3 things got fixed when i did it. I also had to clean popper. I did a pretty shitty job on it, but foxfield is now closed. So, it's over to regal with all their different equipment. Kaylnn and steve hung out for quite a while tonight, doing everything from marquee to just wandering around. I tried to help autumn through econ - i love the girl, but she's a bit hard to tutor. i think it would have been better not to do it at work. She's rather... "easily distracted". However, you gotta give her some credit - she changed into her homecoming dress like 3 times. She looks absolutely amazing in it. I'm so sad that like 4 people have the same dress - it's really frustrating to see her upset and not be able to tell her what to do. There is no way that anyone else could look as good in it. She's all worried about looking like a slut or something - and she didn't! she looked so amazing... Anyway, enough about the amazing autumn. Back to me :-). I'm really excited about homecoming - got my senior shirt today (the ONLY senior class of 2001), and i'm so excited for next week!! Also, we open at regal on friday - that's gonna be nuts too. ther'es 15 people working on thursday night - if it's like that every night... I don't know if i like that place though, since i got stuck in the damn elevator. I'll just have to stick to the first floor i guess. I haven't stopped smiling all day - homecoming is gonna rock! Talked to jessie at lunch today - she said that we should go in a group with rebecca keyworth (who got really drunk this weekend at u of i?) and nikki ulibarri. Nikki is going with some guy named justin, and becca's gonig with palmer (who'd be fun to have in a group). Cole won't leave me alone - keeps talking about how i gotta "make sure she don't bite, man. that's sensitive skin down there." What an ass. as if all i'm looking for in a girl is to get some. I know lots of guys are like that, but i am not. I am just looking for a kickass homeocming, cause i haven't had one yet. Burned myself a jock jams cd so i can keep the energy pumping with 15 tracks of pure dance music... it's awesome to wake up to. English AP is still kicing my ass, and helping out autumn tonight didn't help that too much :-). It was fine though, i love helping her. I feel so dissapointed (in me, not her) that we didn't get farther. We're reading the bible in english - it's some crazy hard stuff to get through. SENIOR... POWER!!! Norths spirit week is this week - i'm hearing their school sucks at showing spirit :-). We're gonna kick ass this year, cause we've got 2x the number of kids of any other class. I'm in the tricycle race! my first year in homecmoing activities. I'm worried about looking as funny as some of the people out there though - it takes planning that i haven't done yet. Oh well. I think i'm gonna call this a night. Fare thee well, readers, and good luck to thee. -Christopher Robert Schmidt

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