Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Homecoming week :-) 10/1/2001

Homecoming week! Criggidy crazy... The assembly was outside in the stadium, which kind of sucked. there was very little energy because of the lack of roof on the place. The energy just went out the roof like the heat goes out your head when you don't wear a hat in the winter. It was still pretty damn fun, but our class was pretty dissapointing. They didn't even stand up most of the time. However, the sea of red was in attendance, which was exciting. Also, i'm a flirking senior this year, which is exciting no matter how you slice it. The senior cheerleaders looked pretty good - although the soph and frosh ones weren't the greatest. But it's ok because we all know seniors rule the school. Our cheerleaders had pretty cool outfits. No one did any homework that was due today - it was nuts. But it's great, because now i'm not the only one. I did write an econ paper that turned out pretty good in my opinion. We'll see what haymond says. Kara and i had a talk about her feelings about autumn. I feel bad for her sometimes, but i don't know if i should or not because i don't know if the shit that people say about her is just to be mean, or it's actually true... As i told kara, she knows her better than i do, since i'm just a kid going about my life. My car window is back together, after it slid off the track somehow when i was putting it down. I also pulled about 10 pounds of grass/sod out of there - no idea how that got there. It's nuts - like someone stole my car and was driving it around. And the damn battery is dead so i can't drive it anywhere - all my red senior paint going to waste! But i should have it by weds night, when the first event is. Tomorrow is PJ day, that should be cool. Wednesday is penny day and "dress your decade" as well as the volleyball game. Tomorrow is the north v. east buttwhooping. We'll kick their asses so easy :-). I have reservations for eaglebrook country club for dinner on saturday. I don't have to work all this week, which is so good. Trike race on thursday, where teh seniors will win. WE're going to get uniforms for that tomorrow after school. I need to bum some money off the parents for that. Our float for senior year is looking to kick ass. We're leaving such a mess behind in some cases though :-) The entire parking lot where we were is covered with glitter... it just glimmers as you walk in it. I can't tell what it is - cause non-seniors could read this!! But it will win, no doubt in my mind. We've got the man that some have called "God" working on it - Alex Karp. He is quite the amazing leader in this project. Senior year... this is what it's all about baby. Going crazy, not doing work, and banding together to lay the smackdown on the frosh, soph, and junior classes. Alright, i think i am just babbling, so i'm gonna stop now and talk some more. Happy Homecoming!!!!

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