Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Day 3 10/3/2001

Yesterday was PJ day. Very fun, felt strange not to change in the morning. I forgot grumpy at home though, kinda sucked. He woulda been a nice pillow in a lot of the classes i was in. Today is the volleyball game and teh math meet :-/ I'm really shitted, because i really want to do both, but they're at the same time. I'll figure something out i suppose. Classes - Calc is good, fairly easy right now. just got 24/25 on a quiz. Physics is fun, no homework the past 2 days. Connell is chilling on us for homecoming week. 2nd hour is when we count for homecoming participation, and cole was in that class. He really looked like he belongs in the 60's. Glasses, headband, shirt, everything. He never grew out of a decade he wasn't even part of. Econ is awesome, haymond is a great teacher. Spanish sucks, but i think i probly did pretty well on the test today, it was easier than i expected and we reviewed right before class. Penny day during lunch - oh my gosh. We had (literally) 40-50 times as much as the highest other class (juniors). Seniors may not be the most energetic at the assembly, but they kick ass in participation. Our float is also done, and our display case kicks ass. Our wall - eh. But it's better than the juniors, whose wall thing FELL OFF the wall and got taken away by the janitors. :-) Sucks for them. I htink our float is gonna kick this year, there is no way anything the others have is gonna be anywhere close to as good. Back to school stuff - english AP is really confusing, reading milton's "Paradise Lost" and it's going totally over my head. Damn epic poetry. HOmework hsa been pretty low profile this week - most likely cause teachers nkow anything they assign is not gonna get done. Ordered jessies corsage last night, to be picked up on sunday from 5th avenue flowers. We're all set for eating at eaglebrook, even though people are having problems *grr*. I need to buy tickets to morrow. Other than that i think i'm pretty set. Tomorrow is college apparel day... i probly need to borrow aunt mary's U of i sweatshirt again. Small games tomorrow night - i'm in the trike race, we're gonna kick so much ass it's not even funny. Plus shawn and i went and got special suits - we're gonna look so kick. They're too small, but it's cool. Senior power all the way... Some juniors were theorizing that they might win the spirit stick this year - not a chance. We have them beat by 400 kids and by points in everything else :-). Kaylnn is excited now cause steve calls her on the phone. She just doesn't understand that he likes her. I don't know what she wants, an engraved statement? I mean, give me a break, the guy is flirting with her constantly, etc. I don't know what she wants :-). I see her freshman sister all the time at school now. I think she just follows me around or something :-). I broke my diary up into 2 parts because it was getting too big to load and reload everytime. If you want older entries (before september) then you have to click on the page 2 link on the bottom. My car is running alright now, unlike before. Cooling fan is complaining though, so i'll probly have to take it in after this. Dinner for homecoming is at 7 at eaglebrook - we'll probly end up not getting to the dance until 9. and then pictures... etc. What a pain. O well, i'm not gonna complain. I think it's cool i didn't have to worry about reservatiosn , which is all that matters to me. Anyway... i should go get ready, cause i'm gonna stay on here forever if i don't leave soon. Have a good time in the rest of the homecoming week, and don't forget to cheer for me in the trike race at the stadium tomorrow!! Later... - Christopher Robert Schmidt

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