Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Catching up... 10/6/2001

So much has happened in the past 3 days, it's almost impossible to tell it all. I'm gonna do my best though. Thursday was the day of the small games assembly. They started passing out tickets to get in before school even started - if it was in the sports complex it was gonna be a maximum of 1300 students. (teachers, parents, band, small games and everything got to get in without one). They announced at the start of 6th hour that it was going to be in the sports complex. I was really dissapointed at that point - i was afraid lots of people wouldn't be able to get in. Anyway... around 5:45 i started getting ready - put on my batman pj's made for a 5 year old, then wore seniros shirt and sweat pants over it so no one would see it. Got there, found out that i wasn't supposed to be there til 6:30, when i had thought it was 6. So, i hung out in the foyer of the sports complex for a while, waiting til i could get in. Troy Spolum showed up, and i was like "what game are you doing?" cause i didn't remember him being on the list. He says 'I'm doing trike race." and my head goes whoa.... wait a minute. Shawn is supposed to do that with me. And it would suck if i was batman, and there was no superman with me. So, i talk to him and find out troy had gotten a call on weds. telling him he was in. Shawn showed up later (around 6:35, after we were in) and he told me that people thought that he was sick, so troy was gonna do it, but he told em he was fine. So, troy got denied on that count, which sucked for him, and i felt really bad, but i was glad to have super-shawn in it with me. At that point, the place is starting to fill up, and i realize that we're gonna be facing each other - seniors+soph on one side, juniors + 'shmen on the other. That's plus #1 for doing it in the sports complex right there. Anyway, we just hung around til the assembly started. each of the cheerleading teams was doing their routines before the assembly started. The first thing that happened was the presentation of homecoming court. They all walked in, looking all spiffy and everything. Then the action got started, with the whole colorguard (JV and Varsity). They did a cool presentation thingy. Then, just the varsity team did another routine. Then, out came the JV drill team. They were dressed in cool outfits. Red tops, and the standard drill team black pants. they looked really good, well practiced. After that was teh cheerleading routine. Now, maybe it's just cause i know practically the whole team now, but i think that these girls did a REALLY awesome job. Especially since they changed their whole routine in the past 2 weeks or so. They looked incredible - everyone knew what was going on, and the seniors especially looked like they were having a kick ass time. I think it's amazing how much work they put into a sport - and how little credit they get for it. Anyway - they looked really good. and they did a little dance thing with matt (shumacher, the one male cheerleader) in the lead. It looked pretty fun :-) So many people were flying all over the place... and, there is always those few girls who can do stuff that's not humanly possible - like kara richard having her leg go straight up her side... its amazing to me. Agh- gotta go clean out the car i'm driving to homecoming, be back and writing more later, hopefully. Have fun at the dance, all you kiddies!

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