Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Catching up (part 3) 10/8/2001

When that started, we were kicking ass. then 10 more juniors jumped out and started pulling. at this point, the rope stopped. then, the seniors continued to inch backwards. However, as all the juniors got a good grip, they started to win - so all the seniors let go, because it was obvious they were cheating. The juniors were disqualified, and got a big ole 0 for that event. After that, the seniors went on to beat the faculty in a period of approximately 7 seconds. It wasn't even a contest, not with brody on our team pulling :-). The arms on that kid are about 3 feet around, i think. Anyway, next thing was announcing of king/queen. Sally Smith (yay!) and johnny atkocaitis (who now?) won it. Sally is awesome, and i don't have a clue who johnny is, although i know what he looks like now. Anyway, after small games i went to bakers square. hung out there with amy (from econ) and a couple other people. I was still wearing my batman stuff under my sweats :-). Saw a bunch of people there... we actually had a group in the corner threaten to kill us cause we were being too noisy. We ordered a whole cheesecake, which we only finished half of. It was really good though. Anyway, after that, i just went home, which is a good thing cause i hadn't even read my lit circle book (i'm still behind) and i needed to.
Friday - Homecoming game day! Orange and black day, which most people participted in. by this point in the week, most of us are exhausted from v-ball game, assembly, and everything else. I don't remember much about the morning... just kind of drifted through 1st hour. we didn't do anything in 2/3, not that that is surprising. Econ we tried to do some work until haymond figured out we were all falling asleep. Span V - not bad, got some candy, so it was cool. 6 - More excitement, since i sit with cheerleaders at lunch :-). 7 - I was late, so i got to sing. i choose to sing "this is how we do it" and did a rather rousing rendition of it (if i do say so myself). 8 - we played soccer. i got a bloody nose, but i was fine by the end. and i need to go to sleep, because it's 2:40 in the mroning and i'm losing conciousness. I'll keep going later, i promise. -Chris

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