Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Catching up (part 4) 10/11/2001

Parade was after school on friday (we got out at 1:30 for the 2:30 parade). It was fun, and our float won, as did all of our stuff. It's the first time in a long time seniors have swept. "The last class of STC - THE BEST CLASS OF STC!" Anyway, on friday night i went ot the game. Wore my scholastic bowl shirt and the saints sweats. We kicked ass, as we knew we would. Won 40-0. It was our last home football game ever though :-( really sad. I tried to take some pictures but they came out pretty shitty. I have em anyway, but htey suck. I had a great time at the game. Went to baker's square afterwards, there was a bunch of drill teamers there - i don't have a clue where all the cheerleaders went :-). Had a good time there, didn't order anything, just wandered around talking to different people until they kicked me out (not literally, but they were giving me bad looks). Went home, went online for a bit, then went to bed. Saturday - slept late. Til like 10. Then i got up, and i decided to clean out the van, since that's teh car we were gonna be going in. I took all the crap out, vaccumed out the bottom, beat out the floor mats, and in general did a pretty good job of cleaning it out. Picked up the corsage around 2ish when i got done with that and just killed time until the dance. Went over to nikki's house around 5:10, stopped and got the van washed on the way. Got there at 5:30 - before my date, and before either nikki or becca was ready. So, we just sat around there waiting for everyone to show up. Palmer showed up, then jessie, then justin. They all brought their family members with them. We took a bunch of pictures of just us and the whole group and whatnot. After that, we stopped by jewel to get another camera for nikki, then went to eaglebrook for dinner. We got put at a table just for 6, because they couldn't get 14 at one table. so, we continued to be our own little group. We also showed up and left earlier than our other half. So, we were basically our own group for the night. Food was good at the CC, but it was 8:40 before we got out of there, and that was only because we didn't want to miss the entry time to the dance. Our server was quinn, who looked like it was his first night on the job - he did good. We got to the dance just before 9, and went in. We put our coats and jackets and stuff over on the bleachers. We wandered around for a while just talking to jessie's friends and my friends. then we went back to our group, danced for a bit, then went and got pictures taken. at this point, we both agreed that the music really sucked, and so did having the dance in the sports complex. But hey, it's life. anyway, we got pictures taken (i think they'll look good), and went back to dancing. I wandered around by myself for a while, talking to all my friends who were moshing in the middle :-) everyone looked really cool. And i had a hot date :-) We left the dance at the end (around 11) and drove over to nikki's house. we decided to go to frank souda's house (sp?) but then we saw frank and he told us he wasn't going back there. So, we just went back to nikki's and hung out there until 1am or so. Then i went home. That was my homecoming night. Sunday - I was bored, and half my gorup couldn't do anything, so i decided i'd go online and see what was going on, since i couldn't find any groups that were going to great america. So, while online i talked to ashley stinton, who told me that al keefe and his group had been planning on going to chicago to see a comedy thing. So, i called al up, and mary karson, and checked with them, and they said if i could get tickets, i was welcome to come. So, i got THE LAST ticket with my credit card by going online (box office was sold out), then went apple picking with parents. We got a 20 lb bag of apples, some really good cider, some muffin mix and some donuts that were really good too. Then i came back, and just hung out until 4:30ish, when i took off for the train station. Met alex, skup, mary, pentek, dina piazza, dan racine, lauren hewell, chris jones, al keefe and nat church there, we got on the train and rode into chicago together. Got to chi-town around 6:10 or so, got 3 taxis and took them to the NE corner of north and wells - the home of Second City, the birthplace of SNL. Then we wandered around, got some starbux, and went to a jamba juice to get some smoothies (that were pretty good). We then went into the show, which was a bar/resteraunt thing, with little tables every couple of chairs. We saw katie woodward and steve simon while we were waiting. funny taht they just showed up in the same place :-). It was a hilarious show! so funny... we stayed for the improv stuff, which was great too. Kind of a "who's line is it anyway" style thing. After that, we took taxi's back to the train station, and hung out there for an hour til we could get on the train. Everyoen grabbed their own seats on the train (pretty much) and we slept on the way back. Rolled back into town around 1am. People said they were going to go to al's house to hang out for a while - turned out it was just me and nat and al. It was fun anyway - he has a HUGE house. We stayed there until 2 or so, then al took nat home, and i went back and fell asleep. Monday, i went over to shawn clancy's house at night and played capture the flag for 2 hours, then we went inside and just hung out til midnight. Then i went home. Worked tuesday, school wednesday, now it's thursday and i need a nap before i go to work. So, have a nice day - it's good to be caught up!

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