Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Waiting to leave 10/16/2001

Have you ever had one of those times, where you're just waiting around the house until you can leave again? Theres not really enough time to do anything, but it isn't close enough that you can leave either... so you just sit around and do nothing. This is one of those times. I'd burn a short cd but i can't get on the computer to do it, only on this one without the cd burner. I'd do some homework, but i'd have to stop before i was done. I'd clean my room, but it's just too long. so i just sit online, and leave notes for you guys, and for all the opendiaries i read. How fun, right? . Anyway, i've got to go to the dentist soon, to get my root canal worked on. then i have work. Luckily, no major homework tonight. Maybe i can come home and fall asleep earlier - unlike last night, where my stomach hurt, and then i fell asleep sitting up. That was bad. I hurt all over this morning when i woke up. I've been passing out hc pics lately - if you want one, make sure to let me know. I did a presentatino today in spanish - it worked out pretty well. Steve simon is a lot smarter than i thought he was - he's always so quiet that i never understand what he's saying. and he's always dissheveled. But he understands spanish a lot better than i do. I got back my english test - got a frickin 78. But i need to talk to her about doing a redo, so maybe i'll get a better grade. I'm pretty sure i'm getting a B in there. I'm getting an A in calc! i'm so happy. i lost my calc book and my calculator though. That doesn't make me happy :-(. It's life though. I'll just have to borrow another book from the book room. I should really leave now. i've got to be at the dentist in 15 minutes. Talk to all ya'll later!

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