Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Cell Phone? Me?!? 10/17/2001

Well, i just spent the last hour deciding with my dad what we should do when we get new cell phones for our family. We decided he's gonna use the 2 for 1 deal for the new, expensive phone that he wants, and i'll get the same phone everyone else in st. charles has - a coolio nokia 5165 (or 5190, something like that, they're all the same). I feel like a sell out having a cell phone, since i'm anti-cell phone people, but it looks like i'll soon be becoming one. It's no big deal i suppose, but it's a major step in life. I'd feel better if i payed for it myself - i'll have to see if i can work that out. Then i wouldn't feel like quite as much of a sellout because my parents wouldn't be being the rich peopel everyone seems to think we are. They would just be the name on the phone, whereas i would be the payer. ANYWAY...
Tonight at work, i trained autumn in box, then i went behind concession and did nothing (hung out with alyssa, who i think is cooler everytime i talk to her). Unfortunatly, she and lindsey both left at 9, so i was left with katie (craychee) and grahm and charles. It wasn't really fun - but it was better than usual. Randy is still an anal retentive asshole that i hate. But other than that, work is fine. I still think i'm going to be quitting in about 3 weeks to go work for the cartographer, as soon as mom gets me back the application so that i can get interviewed and whatnot. Autumn and i talked for a while about how i'd feel about quitting - and although i LOVE some of the people there, i hate our new manager, and the new job just isn't as fun as it used to be. I remember back at foxfield it was like we were just hanging out, whereas here it is more like a jail :-) we're trapped behind concession, or behind point, or in box, or in booth. But what can you do? Randy has made it clear that he feels anyone that doesn't like this job shouldn't be here, so i'm going to do what he seems to think is right. Before i go, however, there will be a petition turned into all the managers and the company including signitures that we disagree with his decisions, and feel that brian keena should be the only General Manager, while Randy becomes a manger, or better yet, just dissapears totally. But that's all later, and it's 12:15 at night. Farethee well and good morning to you all.

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