Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

I did get a cell phone 10/20/2001

and it's NOT the same one everyone has. if you wanna see it, check out the nokia site, and look for the 3360. it's tiny, and it's light, and it vibrates, and it has different games, and i paid a buck to download a ring tone for it, so now it plays james bond instead of any of those 25 built in ones. I like it a lot, and it hasn't left my side except for when i went into school. It's mucho cool. It has voicemail too, so i have my own voicemail box now. I'd leave the number here, but i don't want stalkers calling me all hours of the day :-). Anyway, i just thought i'd mention that. I have now become the standard middleupper class white suburban child. With my cell phone, my cadillac seville (that my parents really own), my target clothes (alright, it's close) i have been the faceless mass that i have always fought against. But it's so fun!! nokia needs some dmb rings though, and i don't know how to tell them that. I'll figure it out - then i can play some good music as a ring tone, rather than the james bond theme i paid a buck for :-).

and to that hot readhead who keeps leaving notes in my diary - could you be a bit less vocal? i mean, it's bad enough i have to be around you all the time during the day without trying to steal you from alex. and then you leave me notes and bug me about it all the time... what am i supposed to do?! just ignore it?!? :-)

just playin wit ya, karebear. however, if any hot redheads that DON'T have boyfriends would like to leave me a note talking about how hot they are, feel free. and if you're not a redhead? well, you can leave the note. as long as there is a picture somewhere :-)

Ok, i'm done being yuck now. you can all go back to your normal lives

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