Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

but i have friends now!! 10/24/2001

Thank you, to all you who noticed how down i was today. there's no real reason (no girlfriend to dump me, no big stuff going on)... just didn't feel like a good day, ya know? but there's a bunch of you who tried to make me feel better - and when people try to make me feel better, it DOES make me feel better. I want to say thanks to all you who said kind words today - especially kara and autumn. ya'll are great people, i love being around you guys (meaning girls). i still hate school, and it sucks that i literally can NOT do my homework! i try hard, and i fail miserably. damn senioritis. I sit down to do homework, and i get distracted. i can't do homework without dialing up and being on aim - but even when no one's on, i can't do homework with aim on!!! grrr. well, as soon as i turn in my u of i application, everything will be good - i can slack off for a couple weeks :-) right now i'm gonna see if i can get some work done - doubtful, but i'm gonna try anyway. later!

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