Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Don't you ever wonder... 10/25/2001

maybe if you took a left turn instead of taking that right my friend you might be somebody quite different you might. Don't you ever wonder anyone, anyone... don't you ever wonder anyone....

-Dancing Nancies -- DMB

I hate schooooool.... I hate not doing well in classes, i hate having to do applications for college, I hate having a counselor who is never there, i hate not knowing how to do stuff, i hate having all this junk that will never mean anything to me needing to be done... OR ELSE. in other words, i HATE SCHOOL! Maybe if i had more friends in my classes, or maybe if i could just relax... but i can't. Even when i'm procrastinating i'm doing stuff. it just SUCKS! i don't know how you people do it who stay at the top of our class... by the end of this semester i'm gonna be at the bottom of cour class. Also, i'm working 21 hours this weekend (6-cl, op-8, op-6)... which just isn't fun at all. and i'm going to miss the v-ball game on saturday, and the last home football game in my high school career. all for the sake of a little petty cash. I want a better paying, more interesting, less stupuid managers job. I want something where i can have fun, i want a job where i don't dread going everyday. I want to be a cool kid. i'm tired of feeling like an outsider - a feeling that may come from myself, but i still feel it. I'm tired of being me. If i had the oppourtunity to trade places with someone for a day - i would do it. I want to see how everyone else lives their life. But, as usual, i'm just complaining. I'm still going to clubs, and going to school, and going to work, and just complaining every step of the way. Some people (like skup) would tell me that writing entries like this gets me nowhere - that I'm just validifying my own concerns. But i think that this helps me get it out. even if no one reads it (likely) i still know it's here, i still know i got it out. Allright, this was just your standard gripe entry, i'll let you all go now and get on with your lives. Have a good day - don't let me bring you down.


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