Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

training day 10/28/2001

is a good movie. a very interesting social commentary. plus, lots of guns. and lots of cash. and some blood, for those of you who like that. Basically, a good cop gets involved with a bad cop, and has to make a decision whether to stay straightedge or to go to "the dark side". Very good ending too. I'm kind of upset that i can never get anyone to go with me into movies. I always end up going by myself. we sold out k-pax while i was working box tonight- we had huge lines for an hour straight. i don't care what other people say, i can't take that. oh, and i tried to rewrite an apology to kara, but that didn't work out to well today. i just can't concentrate. and the library opened and closed while i was at work - so i didn't get over there to make copies of the valuline stuff for econ. eh. i hate seeing movies by myself - but i haven't seen one with someone since erin and i saw princess diaries all by ourselves in theater 4 (the biggest of the 7) at foxfield. course, i've only seen 2 movies since then period - but still! i've decided i'm turning in my two weeks notice this thursday. that way i'll end up leaving the day before harry potter opens. :-) No shitty little kids for me! we had a meeting for work (which i was late to) today. talked about all kidns of crazy stuff, like how our new manager sucks. i have lots of homework i'm procrastinating on - maybe i'll actually do some of it tonight (although it's morning now). Good morning to you all...

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