Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Why did i do this to myself? 10/29/2001

Can anyone explain to me why i took 4 ap classes this year? why couldn't i just enjoy the senior slide? why did i have to try and be better than everyone else? i'm NOT better than everyone else, why would i try and prove that i am?. eh. i hate school, especially right now, it just sucks. quarter ends 10/31/01, and i have so much shit that isn't gonna be good for grades.. it's not even funny. I'm really tired right now too. I am turningi n my 2 weeks notice on thursday though, so i'm happy about htat. that way i can watch the harry potter preview then i won't have to work there ever again if need be. alright, i'm outta things to write. back to killing time until the clock strikes 10... -Chris
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