Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

"Bring it on" 10/30/2001

"I'm sexy, i'm cute, i'm popular to boot"
ah, what a great movie. as the announcer says - "Any sport that combines dance, gymnastics and short skirts is ok in my book." in reality, it seems to be a fairly ok representation of cheerleading. i mean, kara steals some of her terms from that movie (i.e. cheersex), so it can't be TOO far off, right? And i can sympathize with them having to redo everything before the competition, that would suck. It's too bad our team doesn't have more guy cheerleaders - if it did, maybe they could do some more cool stuff like they do in the movie where there are literally 6, 7, 8 people in the air at one time. That would be very interesting to see, and i think it would keep the crowd interested int he competeitions more. unfortunatly, around here with all the state championships our teams get, cheerleading isn't very popular - especially since the school doesn't consider it a sport. I'm gonna see if i can get to a cheerleading competition this year. i wouldn't seem like your normal perv, since i know more than half our team now. i think it would be interesting to watch and see how other teams around here compare to ours. I doubt there are many people as good as kara - that girl is a cheerleading goddess. and that's not an exaggeration. But anyways - i rented the DVD of bring it on, in case i didnt' mention that, and it's really cool. not only is it a great movie, it also has some cool features on it - "pop up video" type stuff (from which i learned that both Madonna and Samuel L. Jackson were cheerleaders), delted and extended scenes, and more. i don't know, i'm just some stupid guy - but i like this movie. i'm thinking i should go buy it - it's that fun to watch. Right now though, i'm gonna make like a tree and leave. later ya'll - CHris

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