Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Talk about a long week (no sex) 11/2/2001

Grrr. this week has been so impossibly long. and it's not even over yet. but i did turn in my two weeks to work (yay!) and i went to my first math meet of the year (yay!) and there were lots of cute girls there (at an NSML meet? wow) including a cheerleader from maine east who was their oralist and bob is all pissed off cause he didn't win. we got 4th out of 5 teams there :-) Jim has been trying to hook me up with someone in an effort to get me to take him to the harry potter preview, assuming they run one and that i go. It's kind of nuts. I think monsters inc is going to be the biggest movie our theater has seen yet, and i have to work friday and sunday. luckily, i took saturday off, so i can go to both games that are far away, if i really want to. Kalynn is worried cause steve is all upset about something - i think it's probly something to do with good old dorothy deshita (sp?) his ex, who has been recently calling him up and what not. I want another dance, but there aren't any folr a long time. XC people left for state today, and i need to download that "cha cha now" song because i like it and i don't have it. it's sunny and i have to pick up my brother at 4:30 - it's nice out, but i'm sad that summer is over - this is going to be my last fall before i leave the house to go out to college. Nothing else much that i have t osay - just rambling nonesense.

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