Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

11:20 AM MDT 06.15.01 Bus 6/15/2001

If there is a single place i’d like to live, this is it. The most beautiful landscape in the country is an understatement. Just driving down the Interstate there have been 5 times where I’ve glanced up and just said "Wow." The best way to see stuff is a bus tour. You can move around more than in a car, and you see the most amazing things. The interstate follows along the mountains for most of the way, and they are amazing to look at. I wish you could see it, it’s simply amazing. Also, the wide open spaces are different from the state of Illinois. At parts you can look horizon to horizon and see no signs of habitation, which is incredible to a suburbanite kid like me. We also drove by Cheyanne Mountain (home of NORAD) and the Air Force Academy Already.

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