Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Rayado River Camp

9.12 PM MDT 6.16.01 Rayado River Camp
Long Day Today. We did all our logistics stuff all morning. Everything from getting gear, to getting food, to medical rechecks... After lunch we went over to "Villa Philamonte", the large mansion built by Waite-Phillips, the original owner of the property. It’s a 16000 square foot summer home that was built in less than a year. We got on the bus to the drop off point at 3. As we drove by, we saw smoke from the fire. We pointed it out, and peggy the bus driver almost swerved over the cliff as she turned her head. We hiked about 2 miles to where we’re staying right now - Rayado River Camp. It’s cool to actually be out in the backcountry with water running through the river and absolutely no sounds of civilization. We had turkey and noodles combined with cheezy cream soup (one pot meal!) for dinner. It wasn’t bad, but i couldn’t enjoy it much since I got a gusher of a nosebleed about 5 min into starting it. The "peaches and cream" pie was excellent however. Our ranger, Matt from Nebraska, was our example chef and cleaning guy tonight and he did a great job. As much as I was scared to go on this trip, being up on these mountains, among all this nature, is simply amazing. I can’t wait to see more and do more, here at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico! However, I am missing my music (although not the computer, yet). I miss watching the DMB setlist page... Anyway, it’s time for sleep.

END 9.25 PM MDT Rayado

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