Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Today... 11/3/2001

Talk about a long day. Woke up around 9:30, dad was calling to see what my plans were. I told him i didn't know yet. got up, started calling people. no one who was awake was going to football game, most were at SAT's. So, i got directions to the school (maine south in park ridge). got money, phone, directions, kara's cd, and went ot the game. Got there easy, 64-294-touhy. Very easy. when i got there - no cheerleaders. never been to an away game, didn't nkow what to think. anyway, found out wearing my senior shirt was a bad idea - red is the hawks color. went back to my car, got my scholastic bowl shirt. Much better. came back, sat down. no kids, no cheerleaders - lots of adults though. Hung around til the game started- their band marched around a couple times. the cheerleaders came with - and they suck :-). ANyway, game starts, still no sign of all the people - cheerleaders, superfans, etc. We kick off, then we stop them before the 30, get the ball back, and score - within the first 3 minutes. at this point, our cheerleaders walk in. they had gotten lost in chicago because their bus driver was an idiot. at this point, a couple other people walk in too - including courtney pischke and her whole group. So, i sat with them and talked... while the hawks scored on us repeatedly. by halftime, the score was 28-7. We couldn't block, stop or take away any of their passes, so they just kept scoring, really sucked. anyway, at halftime, went and got food for the mccormicks and myself. oh, and got pahlke a snickers. (hmmm. i still haven't figured out if she likes me or not like that guy said at work. ah well). Anyway - third quarter is like first half. They just keep scoring. At the end of the third quarter though, we start doing something. in the last 30 seconds, we advance something like 30 yards and score a touchdown. unfortunatly, they failed a 2pt conversion. So, at the start of the 4th, it's 49 - 13. then, we get the ball again - and we just march it down the feild. with 33 seconds left on the clock, we're on the 1 yard line. we make another touchdown, giving us the final score of 49-19. A really sucky game - but on to bigger and better things. Got home quicker (294-90 instead of 64). When got home, started calling people to try to hook up a ride to volley ball. failed. miserably. so, i got online, printed up the maps - and decided it was a waste of time, since the map said it took 80 minutes to get there. called parents told them so, they said ok. if you're sure. i went over to where they were (friends house for dinner) only to decide to go. so, i left 20 minutes late, figuring i could drive fast and make up for it. however - i missed my turn from 90->53 (took south instead of north). sot hen i drove around woodfield for 30 minutes trying to get back on 53 north. finally did, then kept going. missed 2 more turns because of my shitty eyesight. finally got to the school only to watch us lose the second game 18-16. But - then it was 1-1 and i got to watch an amazing 15-0 game for us to win. So, v-ball is going to state next friday, which i won't be allowed to go to probably, and then they'll win and be state champs, and everyone will be down there except me. Said congratulations to everyone, found meghan montague, followed her and her red xtera home so i didn't get lost again. wanted to go out, but idea shot down by father. so, now i'm here, typing this.

p.s. - I have both my mp3 list (mp3 part 1-12) and the beginning of my philmont journal in here. i hope to continue to add to the philmont journal - so watch for those entries.

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