Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Hi Ho, Hi ho, off to ISU i go? 11/6/2001

Well, our volleyball team is playing at state this friday and saturday. now i've just got to try and figure out how the hell to get down there. I would love to go thursday night through saturday night (/sunday morning) - but i need a place to stay. i don't know anyone at ISU, and i'm working on getting a place for me to stay at University of Illinois - jeff held can't, he's got people coming, and i don't know what to do. I also have NHS induction tonight - i called in sick to work so that i can go to that. Only 1 week 2 days of work left! mom is sick, so she's in a bad mood. :-(. Today wasn't a really bad day - homework all got done in school (how often does that happen?) i'm a bit worried about my author presentation on achiebe on thursday, i don't really know what i'm doing, and megan and i arn't going to be able to get together. i did get my yearbook today, as well as a new id. I'll probly run out to south elgin tomorrow and get my liscence. The only thing i need after that is my library card (and a new wallet, of course). Kalynn and I talked all lunch hour about how much our families are getting anxious about college. I'm really worried about it. I just hope i get into u of i - even though everyone says i will, i'm worried. i hate all this stuff... i wish i was just done with it. But, "that's a part of life", as saltnpepa might say. A lot of stuff going on right now with some of my friends (can i call them that?) at the lunch table. NHS induction tonight, i had to call in to work because i didn't get told about it til after teh schedule was made. What are they going to do, fire me? i mean, i want to make a good impression - but there comes a point where school is more important than work, and in the last week of work, that point just keeps getting lower. Calculus is good, i actually have all my homework in, same for physics. Got an A in calc and b's across the board - except english, got a C in there. Hopefully i'll do better this quarter - maybe if i'm lucky i'll even pull out an A for the semester (fat chance). Eh - i'm done for now, needa nap before induction. have a good day... -Chris

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