Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Happy Turkey DAY! 11/22/2001

Happy thanksgiving, everyone! (especially in the us, the only country that celebrates said holiday). I know i haven't written much lately, i don't htink i'm ever gonna go back and write my vball weekend story. see anyone 's diary who leaves notes for me - they all described it pretty well. STC(east, if that really matters, which it doesn't, cause north isn't really a school) won their first bball game of the season yesterday, they play again friday night. I showed up at half time, cause i realized when i got online and no one was on where everyone was :-) had an ok time, i'm learning the basketball cheers a bit, cause they're different from the football ones. Courtney still has my big purple hat, she forgot it in her locker :-(. I'm trying to get people to go do something with me friday or saturday - especially blair, because i have the hugest crush on that girl. the past week or so, i keep trying to get her to go see a movie with me or something, but she's rather down on the whole idea, i think. she keeps telling me "i'm gonna go see my cousin that day". It's very frustrating for a loser guy like me who can't EVER get a date. but that's ok, no biggie, just complaining as usual. went out to chilies after the game last night with kalynn, nicole, mike, lisa, and some college people (eric hauser, charlie).. brian schmidt was there too. Had a steak quesadilla. it was good, fun times with crazy people :-). I miss seing all the foxfield people - i never see steve anymore, or autumn (outside of econ, where i can't even talk to her because of how late she shows up/how early she leaves) and stuff. I almost wish i still worked there. Oh, had a job interview at Sidwell yesterday. I didn't get the feeling that i'm going to get that job. i'll have to apply somewhere else - maybe a bank somewhere, i hear they pay good. Alright, i need to finish cleaning my room before we head up to my aunts house in gurnee. Later everybody.

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