Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

I'm bout to freak this.... 12/11/2001

Ah will smith, why do i love thy music so? it sure as hell isn't the fact that you write good stuff, you just copy from other people. Must be the beats - and even those arn't original... eh, o well.
Quote for the week: "Welcome to the capital of who gives a fuck, i'll be your tour guide for the day". I don't knwo where the hell i picked it up, but that's what i said after coming out of english the other day, and it's definatly how i feel. Winter ball is friday, i'm definatly going stag, although both mine and C.H.'s romantic interests have commited to going, so maybe we can each set something up. Even if we don't, we'll always be set to dance with each other ;-) anyone who knows me knows that as much as i've been complaining about goign to the dance because it's in the damn sports complex, i'll still go and attempt to have a kickass time. i dont' have anyone to worry about besides myself this time, so i'll be happy. i'm not gonna ask erin. she said the same thing i feel today... it's better to go stag and have a good time.

Beyond winter ball.... i like that girl more and more every day. She's so cool to be around. gah. i wish i wasn't such a damn wuss about everything, it would make life much easier. She's in NHS and student council - hell, the girl is more involved than i am and that's saying a lot. for those who were asking - erin cook is a new student who moved here from wisconsin 2-3 weeks ago. She's in my spanish and english classes. She's about my height, i think, and she's got long brown hair. i suck at describing, if i think of more i'll write more. but i want her. bad :)

Just got blair all set up with downloading mp3s - another one faithful to the cause! free music for all! i mean... of coruse we should pay the artists! :) whatev.

Yeah... i started this an hour or two ago, and i just keep getting distracted. did i mention i have all 4 speakers in my room set up? cause, yeah, i do. It's cool for watching dvd's and listening to music - now i can set up a playlist and turn my computer speakers off and just listen through my stero... tasty. alright, gotta drop back crazy/beautiful (hmm, forgot to mention that i watched that, maybe next entry) and pick up david. Later, all you people.

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