Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

it's just a bittersweet symphony 12/13/2001

but not the normal one you hear... techno-i-fied!
Ah, the joys of life. spanish was nuts today, we did jack shit, and i was a good student for once, while swearing at the teacher any time she wasn't looking/listening my way. i think i'll audit that class next semester - no grade, and i can make fun of the teacher everyday! plus, i'd be coming from lunch, and going to pe - i wouldn't give a shit about anything!

had a fun writitng discussion with courtney today in econ. we talked all hour - filled up 3 pages full of writing. interesting tidbits on her and her north relationship and other stuff. It was fun. Didn't work out as well in spanish because we had to be crazy tv announcers and whatnot all hour. she's so nuts.

erin got her hair cut. it's shoulder length now, and curls in. i think she also got the ends highlighted or something - it seems like they're lighter than before. Oh, she had cool glasses today too - blue plastic frames... eh. ya'll don't care. but sitting next to the girl, in a class with a teacher i hate, i don't have a lot else to do but case sidelong glances at her. i'm totally in lust, i think :). But hey, what can i do? I've had crushes on well over 30 girls in my high school career - erin is the latest one in the list... but that doesn't really mean much i suppose. but right now - her and blair are competeing for top spot, and i want them both! :-) for right now though, since the new girl doesn't know me that well yet, i think i'll follow that line. Also - blair is playing second fiddle to someone, but she still likes the guy, so i think i'm pretty much screwed there. Ah, the joys of high school politics.

i'm so tired of this crap, but i'm still in a good mood for right now. it's just one of those days, ya know. but the cool sound setup in my room is cool, i'm borrowing a dv camera from school tomorrow to do the english ap project, so i get to test out the capabilites of the new hardware on this computer... Hopefully it works out ok, since if it doesn't, our english project may be screwed :-) I haven't gotten much sleep lately, i just don't get tired until 12:30 or so - but then i'm exhaused in the morning when i need to be awake! such trouble. oh well. I think i'm gonna bid thee farewell and go make up more silly odes with erin....

"Ode to Mr. Parker"
Mr. Parker


:-) Later kiddies! -crs

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