Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

bobo the hobo hoe's toe! 12/16/2001

ah, ET, we crack me up.
saw Ocean's 11 tonight, kickass heist movie, everyone in the world is in it, fairly empty theater, good times. Course, i still don't know whether or not i should put my arm around her, because i'm a loser and don't know if that's a "friends" thing or a "dating" thing. Eh, life's full of tough decisions, right?

Somewhat good news - got accepted to purdue today. However - still haven't heard from u of i. And although i'll gladly go to purdue, mis padres are already complaining about the money que cuestan. So, yo no se sobre esto si yo voy a ir alli. shit, you know what's really weird? i just did all that without even realizing it was in spanish... Translation for you non-spanish takers: "I don't know about that whether i'm going to go there." I just want to hear from u of i!!! :-( Everyday someone new hears back, but no me. Apparently they don't want a 34ACT, 5.0GPA, NHS,NSML,FPS,SB(Scholastic Bowl),WYSE person. Give me a break, could i be more perfect? i mean, i'm no danny zenisek... but i don't think he got a 34 on the act either. So, i'm stuck in limboland, just waiting, killing time until the rest of my life is decided for me. CH got a rejection letter today :'( she was upset. but we're giong to find whoever designed those next weekend and kick him in the head. repeatedly. so, at least i've got plans, right? :-)

Winter Ball - ah, the joys of the NHS sponsered dance once again inspire my soul. the sweaty mass of tuneless, beatless, groove-less bodies swaying to an interminable beat played by "C+J's DJ's" in a space used for such tasks as basketball practices, indoor soccer and running around a track :-). That's a very cynical (aka chris weltzer) type way of looking at the situation though - because it was the most kick-assingest, body pumpingest, moving jumpingest dance i have been to in my ENTIRE life. for this reason i have determined that not only winterball, but ALL dances should be declared "get drunk first!" dances. oh damnit, i'm not supposed to say that out loud? *lack of inner monologue!* hehe, thanks CH. I did grab one slow dance and a couple fast tunes with MY love interest, and i have promised myself to somehow incorporate personal information to our written dialogue in spanish sometime this week. in addition, CH said that good ole JR moved alongside her and danced too, so maybe there is some interest there, even though they were introduced maybe a week ago? :-) Some of the people at the dance were totally trashed though... It didn't bother me, cause as long as you're not driving or puking all over me, i'm cool with you being drunk. especially the "reduction of inhibitions" part of being drunk. I think that's why people always assume i'm on drugs or other intoxicating substances... i have no inhibitions to begin with. welcome to the capital of who gives a fuck... population: me :-) I love school dances... winterball has reinspired my faith. I have also decided mr. johnson is way too strict... he needs to follow ms. schmidt's example of being cool, cuase he sucks at it. Taking people's raver mouth glowsticks... kicking us out of the empty area while we were trying to cool down... being a general jackass. not cool, AJ. i still had fun. danced with several different mucho hot girls - KZ, Courtney Pischke, (i spell that different every time i write it), my good friend from wisconsin... man. Oh, erin cook, if you ever read this - i liked your hair. the 2 part look helped me pick ya out of the crowd :-). It looked good on you. Another side note about winter ball - were becca and nikki trashed, or just stupid? because 3 times they chased after me trying to get me to dance... haven't they figured out that it's just... annoying sometimes? i want to do something like dance by myself, and these 2 girls just start running towards me... i don't like that! *I* initiate contact, not you. that's all there is to it. Anyway... I think i'm just rambling, but i had SUCH a good time, and i'm SO fucking tired and in pain from it STILL! so i'm gonna get outta here. If you're doing anything tomorrow... or even if not, call my cell! 2515932. :-) Lata ya'll!

oh, note to self - write about berg's house!


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