Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

it's not enough! 12/22/2001

That's a good song - "Enough" by Gravity Kills.

Anyway. It's been a long hard road, and it doesn't look like it's anywhere close to ending. But, the 4 weeks of hell before christmas break are over, and to tell the truth, they really didn't go by all that slowly. I think that is helped in a large portion by winter ball. I had such a good time that night... And that carried into part of the next week. I promised some of you that i would do something this week regarding EC - well, i did. On thursday night (as she was packing to leave for japan for a week and a half), I got her number, called her, and succeeded in dropping off my Christmas present for her. Some others of you that maybe read this diary know the presents i'm talking about - they were all personalized with recorded greetings :-) They turned out to be a much bigger hit than i expected they would be - i ended up making 17 in all. And if you really want one, i can make more too. Anyway, EC didn't come to school on thursday, she had a college luncheon with DePaul or something like that. So, i didn't see her. Talked to EmC, and tried to figure out what i could do. They were supposed to meet for coffee after school, so Em offered to give it to her then. I forgot to give it to her, however, so i called after school and tried to figure out how to get it to her. I finally got a call back around 6:30, at which point me and the fam were supposed to go to eat dinner at a relatives house. She said she was calling erin to set it up now, and would call be back. She did, and told me that although Em and KW were still going out, EC was still packing, but that i could call her and work it out. So, i got EC's phone number, and went to cwians. After we were done there, i gave her a call, only to find out that she was out of the house (this was around 8:30). I called back at 9:30, to find out that she had just gotten back to the house. However, she said i "couldn't come" because she was in her pj's. I pointed out that i didn't care (have you seen how i come to school?) and if she really wanted to i would leave the cd on the doorstep and ring the doorbell. She eventually conceded, i got from her how to get to her house. Went over there (dropped off my 2 days late "Save the Last Dance" on the way) dropped off the cd. wished her a merry christmas and a safe trip. So, i got to see her one last time before she left. And, she's SOOO cute in PJ's :-) So, that made me happy. now i've got to go run errands for my parents cause i'm their slave for the day, so i'll write more some other time. Bye! -crs

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