Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Look Outside 12/22/2001

played at *$(starbux, get it?)last night. They were so awesome! The vocalist is amazing - i hear tell she's a teacher at north too, which is amazing cause she looks way younger than that ;-) but it was a great show! Guitar, played by Jeff somebody (his sister is the singer), who had fingers faster than mine when i type, which some of you know is pretty damn fast.. Drums, and an awesome bass player. Maureen played her violin on one of their songs. I found out from skup, and i was really glad i went. i saw courtney ehorn too, who's studying genetic engineering at u of i. It's been a long time since i've even thought of her! My christmas shopping is done, so that's good, and i'm just chilling today. hopefully i'll be going out to see LOTR again with sara tonight, because that was the greatest movie.

Oh, and i'm the main webmaster for the stce web page now, so you should check that out too. that's about it, like i said before, i'll try and write more later.

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