Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Gifts 12/26/2001

Following traditions of some friends, i'm letting everyone know what i got for christmas. And let me tell you, i made out quite handsomely this year...
new webcam, new ti-89 *yay!*, tony hawk pro skater 3, a bond dvd (tomorrow never dies),scuba diving stuff for our trip next summer..., sketchers (it's the s), krispy kreme buy one dozen get the second dozen free card... socks, handsfree talkset for my phone... good stuff!

also, had fun with the family, didn't really get annoyed by any relatives, it's snowing out, and i'm in the comfiest clothes imaginable. now if only i was going out somewhere tonight - it'd be great! of course, ashley just reminded me of schoolwork that i need to do *grumble grumble*

my computer just left back to medion about 45 minutes ago. hopefully i'll have it back by this weekend *hopes hard*. I don't really expect it, but it would be nice. then again... i don't think fedex delivers saturdays, so there really isn't much chance of that *sigh*. oh well.

i didn't really have much to say, just sharing my gifts with you all. hope everyone had a good christmas! -crs

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