Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Star Trek and a lot of other stuff

I've been "working" on a music paper all day. I finally finished it - will print it, edit it, and turn it into the TA for checking over tomorrow. It's probably not that great. The plan for the rest of the day is to do the chem prelab then work on my bot (go ahead, try). Last night, i was going to watch a movie with trish (haiku tunnel). At the end of the movie, i heard harry potter. So, we watched harry potter. Then we decided to watch LOTR. THAT one didn't work out too well - we fell asleep before the fellowship was even formed. ;) Other than that, I did not do much on Saturday. Woke up at 11, sat on the computer for a while, went to lunch... almost. was 5 minutes late, so i had to go to Jimmy Johns and get food there. Did that, came back, and procastinated on work some more - downloaded perl and started working on the bot. Sat around for a while, went to dinner, came back to the room, attempted to deal with the fact that sarah had unsubscribed from all her yahoo groups, deleted aim and her livejournal, and was unresponsive to anyone who wanted to talk to her. Failed, had mel call her, and she was back within an hour. um... chatted for a while, then watched movies with trish.

I think that's it.

ANything I forgot anyone?

Oh, and i chose to do support on friday.

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