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10:13 AM 4/6/2002

So, I'm not going to Prom with K. The prombear idea failed. She already had a date, unfortunatly. After my 3 days mourning period (because i really wanted to go with her) i'm moving on. Next target - another K. :) However, she thinks she'd say know if i asked her, so, we'll see how that works. Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know that the prombear failed, I'm not going with K, Z is being himself... that's about it, i think. Ditched School Friday, so i don't know any of my grades. Just BARELY pulled a C in physics. 69% was an A for the calc test, so i figure i couldn't have done much worse than a C, considering how good i felt on it. Lawler is sick as a dog, i almost feel bad for her :( Taking proficiency tests at UIC next weekend. Lectoring this weekend - 8 am mass. Yeah. That's a lot closer to all, i think ;) -crs

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