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Chris Schmidt

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why... 1/20/2002

don't you just kill me now?

there's a couple things that suck.

finding out the new girl that you had hoped to maybe try and hook up with is completely uninterested in you, as is evidenced by her NEVER talking to you longer than she has to as well as telling you she can't do stuff on the same night that she stays home.

finding out your best friend has a guy that she adores... and finding out at the same time that you really do like her, despite what you've been telling yourself.

finding out the girl you've been trying to possibly get a date with for 2 years likes you "as a friend" because she can "talk to you about anything".

having a brother more observant of relationships and such going on right under your own nose than you are.

having no more backups. be they friends, enemies, or even just hot chicks - no one to fall back on. it sucks.

Aint it funny, how time slips away.

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