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I'm a hell of a lot better now 1/21/2002

First of all, saw royal tennebaums last night. it was a funny movie - strange though, because it didn't flow. it didn't feel continuous, just a bunch of side jokes strung together into a feature length film. bunch of funny quotes about the recent relationship thing i've been having too - because there is a brother who's fallen in love with his adopted sister. and although it's a lot different situation, a lot of what they said fit WAY too well.

anyway - relating BACK to the relationship thing... (as if i talk about anything else)- after the movie, i started talking with the person i drove there and back. and since we were still talking when we got to her house - we drove in a big loop. and since we were still talking when we finished THAT 10 minute loop - we did another ;) so, i'm a lot better now, i talked so many things out with her, and i can not thank her enough. i'm ready to do whatever it takes to make this thing work before, where a large percentage of it before was just me lying to make them feel better ;) so, i'm looking forward to a much more SANE finals week. and today is study day, so i really need to start. IM me if you've got anything you need - i don't think i'll be moving much. later!

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