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Do people want an LJ code? apparently, since i paid my five dollars, I can give out two. If any of you people out there that somewhat know me want one, feel free to give me a message.
I'm kind of missing sarah. I know it's only been 3 or 4 days... but that's a really long time for me. I usually see her every day, rain or shine, so it's hard to not see her for that long.
Also, she asked her dad if she can come camping with my family. I really hope he'll say yes, even though he's kind of mad at her.
I need to get Pi back from hannah. I wanna watch it.
That's it.

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We're going to raid Hannah's house! Bwahaha.

I would love a code if you still have them =)

this is caela.. (zoobydoo)


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