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i guess it's cool to be alone 1/24/2002

will ya never rest
fighting the battle of who could care less
every day you wake up late...
sometimes i wish i was
that way
you think rockford files is cool
but there are something you would change if it were up
so think about your masterpiece
watch the rockford files
call and see if paul can score some weed.

I love that song. actually, i like a lot of ben folds five. but that one reminds me of so long ago.

anyway, what i've been thinking about today is this: why did she lie to me? why couldn't she tell me, or anyone else for that matter, the truth? does she not trust me? can she not believe me? i can even understand if she would choose to not mention him - lying through omission is a preferred sin of mine. but she brought him up. she brought up how her parents always thought they were going out or something - and she acted like that could never happen. but why would she do that? if she liked him... why would she specifically bring him up to me, a person that doesn't know him, in order to point out that she didn't like him... when she really did? that just doesn't make sense to me! that's not a normal thing! it shouldn't be! i thought she could trust me - i know i'd put my life in her hands if it was asked of me. but apparently that doesn't go both ways. now i just don't know what i'm supposed to think. i think i am going to email the letter i wrote to katrag. i probably shouldn't - it was written when i had just finished physics final, and i was pissed.

damnit, gotta pick up dave. hopefully i'll write another when i get back. later.

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