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sledding, bennigans, and getting lost too 1/31/2002

DZ = guy. ZO = guy. JW = girl.
So, DZ called me around 4:30, and i was like "hey, i think i'm going to see ocean's 11" and he told me that JW, ZO, and he were going sledding at 5:30-6ish. So, i was like "hey, sounds cool, call me when people get there."

I have been called a total of 2 times to do something now in my high school career. the other time was by LM last week. So, this is pretty exciting for me.

DZcalls back around 5:35, says that both JW and ZO have arrived. I said i'd be out in 10 min or so, jsut wanted to grab a sled. I already had gloves, hat, etc. all set up. So i got in my car, started driving... and completely forgot a sled ;). I called the DZ house, said "hey, going to grab a sled, be there asap), etc. He replied "cool, Z is going to get some stuff too." I go home, grab a couple sleds, and come back. They're all just killing time when i get there. so we pile into DZ's car, and head into LaFox Rd. subdivision, follow it back, to a path where snowmobiles and stuff go. completely ignore the "no parking at any time" sign, park, and head in. We walked (pulled each other in sleds) up this trail, until we get to the bike path. DZ, who's been before, leads the way. We walk for about 25 minutes. DZ sees a road, says "wait a minute", runs about a half mile up to check for a hill, doesn't see one, and comes back. lets us know we passed the hill somehow. we start hiking back, after coating him with a sledful of snow. We get to the hill with no clue how far the car is. it's dark, we can't see the hill really well... it was really powdery still. unfortunatly - it was cold out now, so the top layer had frozen, and the rest was REALLY wet stuff... so there was very little movement. i went down 4 or 5 times. then we just started doing crazy shit - sledboarding, rolling down the hill, etc. fun times all around. we wanted to get some food though, so we decided to head out around 8ish. we started walking back, and almost IMMEDIATLY came upon the trail back to our car. we thought it had to be farther, so we walked until we figure out it WASN'T farther. so we walked back. at this point we were all really tired from walking and sledding/playing. so we decide we won't go to el puente and a movie like we were thinking of. instead, we go to benigans on the west side. first time i've ever been there - no big surprise since i've only been to ben. 3x total. anyway, that was cool, ZO ate the big irish, (all of it, that's right, 1 LB of ground beef!) in about 10-15 minutes. jackie and danny split a "death by chocolate" and i had a baconburger i didn't finish. then they went home, and i went home. all in all, a kickass end to a shitty, slave to my work day.
Ocean's 11 - saturday at 9:40? anyone interested? talk to me if you are. it should be after the game... it's a 6:00 game, and it's in elgin, not that far. just an idea.

but that's all i've got for tonight. talk to you guys later!

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