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So i lied 3/6/2002

i didn't write. big suprise, right? Anyway, i'm REALLY busy with all this eagle scout bullshit, so i haven't had much time to just sit around and write on the computer. i'm also working on another project, to create an online text based version of st. charles - i'd run it when i get to college. Hoping that's gonna work out... and there's only 13 days left til my birthday, for those of you who give a shit (not many, i know ;)) hopefully you guys can live without me writing for another couple weeks, after that i'll be all done with that stuff, and i can get on with my life. Thanks for stopping bye, i'll catch ya'll on the flip side. I say ya'll all the time, wagner, don't bash me for it.
(written in physics class, in case you couldn't tell.).


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