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aw! 3/7/2002

They like me, they really like me!
Even though it's my birthday, it's so many people's coming up - KR, CH on the 29th, KL is today! court is the 12th, as is fleming, and someone else i think. it's a big time for birthdays. Oh, and yeah, that's right, 12 days til mine ;) Anyway, it's good to hear from you guys!

Just a quick update - finished music merit badge last night, which leaves me with only 3 more merit badges to do in the next 12 days *sheepish grin* I should finish all those on monday. Hung out with kaykay at *$ (starbux) last night. Talked over econ, caught up a little bit, talked about sadies, how much our job sucks *grin*.

I'm actually doing some homework ahead of time now that i really don't need to. Hooray oppisites! bah. Anyway, i'm writing some stuff about buena vista social club, and yeah, it's nto horrible. I'm actually pretty proud of myself.

Math meet tonight - i wont' get back into town until 11 ish. So, that's that. I'll try updating this thing in physics everyday i don't have a bunch of people watching over my shoulder - my other entry sucked, i know ;)

To the cheerleaders: GOOD LUCK AT STATE! not that you need it, *grin*

Catchup on my sadies state of being - i'm going, no date at this point. however, a friend recently broke up with her boyfriend, and i was just talking to her about it, and she was sad about not going to sadies, so, just to be nice, i offered that if she wanted to go, i'd go with her. Amazingly to me, she said she'd think about it. So, i may end up having a date to sadies. Not sure yet though. Just thought i'd let ya'll know that... now it's time to leave for school.

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